Our Business Plan

You can become a Dreamersway distributor for free.
You can buy any product of your choice at distributor price and retail at use.
Any Indian citizen above 18 years old can be a distributor.
No joining fee, No enrolment fee, No investment, No registration fee, No renewal fee, No activation fee.
All active distributors are eligible for team bonus, rank bonus, retail bonus, repurchase bonus and royalty bonus.
Distributorship activation is a choice and can be cancelled within 30 days from date of activation.
On each product there will be BV (Business Volume) and SV (Sales Volume), Dreamersway income will be based on the BV and SV.
All team bonus and payouts are only for 10 BV or above purchase.
All payouts inclusive of GST, shall be transferred directly to the registered bank account, after deducting applicable TDS and admin 10%.

Business Achievement Ranks

Star - 1000 BV Matching Emerald - 50,000 BV matching
Double Star - 2500 BV Matching Sapphire - 1 Lakh BV Matching
Triple Star - 5000 BV Matching Gold - 2 Lakh BV Matching
Ruby - 10,000 BV Matching Platinum - 5 Lakh BV Matching
Pearl - 20,000 BV Matching Diamond - 10 Lakh BV Matching
Crown Ambassador - 20 Lakh BV Matching


Team Bonus

Based on Business Volume.

Retail Bonus

A distributor when purchases products directly, will get a discount of 5% to 20%.

Repurchase Bonus

Repurchase volume will be calculated based on Sales Volume(SV) and will be distributed among levels 1 to 15.

Rank Bonus

Rank Bonus will be given based on the matching of B V’s. There are 11 levels of ranks as mentioned above in the Business Achievement Ranks.